Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What has become of Easter?

Wow, it's been a week since I've posted.  I think I have a good excuse, though, since all of my writing energy has, sadly, been sucked into academic writing.

Anyhoo, Happy Easter everybody!  He is Risen! ♫Alleluia♫

I had an interesting Holy Week this year.  Last year my entire Holy Week was spent working on my toothpick bridge.  I had hoped and planned initially to get it done by the Triduum so I could devote time to religious stuff.  Soon after I realized that was impossible, so I made my goal to finish it by The Easter Vigil.  That didn't happen either.  My bridge was finished at 9pm on Easter Monday.  I felt horrible the whole time because my mind was constantly brooding over my bridge (which, on Easter Day, was still refusing to stand up) when I should have been celebrating with Jesus.  When I went to Mass I kept catching myself turning over bridge-building strategies in my head when I should have been praying.  At least on Good Friday I suffered with Jesus.

So I had very much hoped to have a more prayerful Triduum this year.  Sadly, my time was again monopolized.  First of all, I was not able to go to Holy Thursday Mass because I had to work, which was sad because it is such a beautiful Eucharistic liturgy.  Then I spent basically the entire weekend reading homework, writing papers, studying, or working.  Luckily, I got to go to Good Friday service and the Easter vigil, and I still got to spent time with my family and watch a couple of movies.

What has our world come to that teachers see the long Easter weekend as simply an opportunity to pound us with homework?  Well, actually, the bridge I understand.  I had all of Lent to work on it and my teacher even dubbed the bridge "our Lenten sacrifice."  Still, I feel guilty about how focused on that bridge I was when I should have given it all to God.  And then this year I had a professor that deliberately loaded on the homework.  He even sent us an e-mail with some rubrics that said something to the effect of, "Have a safe Easter weekend, make it productive."  Is that all that Easter has become in the academic world?   A long weekend for projects?  What about the poor resident students who went home but didn't have time to spend with their families?  For just this one class, I had to read a book, write a report, prepare a group project, write a mid-term essay, and study for a midterm IDs test.  And during this week, the Easter octave, there is only one day that I do not have to do something extra-curricular for this class.  And all of this was on top of rewrites and other homework I have to do for other classes.  Where has the respect for religious holidays gone?

However, thank God, with prayer I was able to pull through and still have some time to enjoy the season.  I'm curious, has anyone else had similar experiences?  Do you all agree with me or am I taking this overboard? I'd love to hear some opinions.


  1. Agree!!! I think its awesome that Conception seminarians didn't have school for the whole Octave of Easter. My little brother was given a large project to do over our "Easter break." How are we supposed to delve into the greatest feast of the Catholic church if we're bogged down with homework and other work?

  2. Agreed. Those lucky seminarians.