Wednesday, April 6, 2011

True Love Waits...tables

So, like many other trendy Catholic young women, I wear a purity ring on my left ring finger.  It's just a simple band made of stainless steel with the words "True Love Waits" lightly inscribed in cursive and surrounded by a very simple foliage pattern (here's a picture).  It's nothing flashy or even necessarily pretty, but I like it that way.

There it sits, on my finger all day.  It fits snugly so I never have to worry about it falling off.  When I'm bored I toy with it.  I take it off and roll it around in my fingers like Frodo, whispering "My preciousssss" to myself the whole time (not really).  Every once in a while I will look down and read "True Love Waits" and my mind always adds "waits on what?"  I love the phrase, but the open ended nature of it often twists my brain.

The obvious answer is that True Love waits to have sex until marriage, and of course that is the point of the ring, but that seems a bit narrow for a statement so broad and so full of potential.  Often times, when work is on my mind, I think to myself "True Love Waits tables."  And, to a degree, waiting tables does take a certain amount of charity, especially on a Friday night when half of the people that come in are worn out and grouchy from a hard week at work.  For me, waiting tables is a chance to practice true love, even if this true love is not romantic.

And there are so many other little situations like this where I think up ways to end the phrase on my ring.  I have in some ways come to redefine True Love more broadly than some handsome knight in shining armor.  True Love is accepting whatever God sends my way with patience, waiting on His will to be done.  "True Love Waits for them to text back" or "True Love Waits until my major becomes clear."  It goes back to that whole thing "Love is Patient, Love is Kind."  My ring is such a comfort to me in ways that have nothing to do with waiting for sex until marriage.  Whenever I am feeling impatient or lost, I look and remember that True Love of God Waits patiently for him to reveal the way.


  1. I really like this perspective. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love it! And it's crazy that you brought up 1st Corinthians "love is patient, etc." because I have really been pondering that verse lately. Awesome reflections! How true; true love is a choice that we make to die to ourselves daily for God and are truly awesome :) "love, true love is what brings us together today!"--name that movie! lol

  3. Thanks guys, I really love this perspective too. It is so encouraging.

    The Princess Bride!!! I love that movie!