Monday, May 16, 2011

And summer is finally here...

...Which means I have time to post again.  Time to organize whatever thoughts I want to into whatever order I want to.  Time for me to use 'is', 'was', and 'of' in my writing again.  Time to procrastinate, even though I don't have a reason to anymore.  Time to sleep in, time to read books just because I want to and time to watch movies.  Hopefully time to catch up with friends that are coming home.  In short, it is time to me to do all the things I have not had time to do throughout the school year.

I have noticed a sad thing or two since finals ended.  First of all, I have been feeling very motivated to do things.  Of course, motivation would kick in right when I don't need it anymore.  I have become more productive than I have been in a long time.  Secondly, I have realized that summer is going to be really lonely since I won't be seeing friends everyday and half of them will not even be in the vicinity.  *sigh* I will simply have to be creative and find ways to catch up with people returning to Wichita.  Oh, how I wish creativity was my forte.

On a positive note, however, I have a new phone with a full qwerty keyboard and unlimited texting that will be activated in the next few days.  I am such a modern teenager.  I really do love texting, even though I don't do it just for fun very often.  I have a feeling I will start doing that with this new phone.  We'll see.

My kitty also had kittens recently, so now I have two adorable little 2 week old kittens to play with.  God knows how to keep me entertained.

And so it begins...

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  1. I love your end of school year thoughts! We definitely have to hang out sometime this summer, and do all sorts of crazy and fun things! and if you need something to do, there is a TEC weekend the beginning of June,and its not too late to sign up..............(I have friends serving on the weekend, and they've informed me to get candidates lol)