Saturday, April 9, 2011

Converse...nuff said

Today I am celebrating the arrival of my new non-slip shoes.  They are entirely black Shoes for Crews that look like high top Converse.  I am totally stoked, even though I have to wear crew socks to keep them from digging into my ankles.

So now I will be spending most of my time in Converse look-alikes.  Sadly, I do not own a real pair of Chucks. I have some classic black canvas with white rubber Levi's (which, I might add, were $20 cheaper than what the same thing in Converse would have been) and I wear them to school pretty much every day.  And now I have these awesome new things that I will be sporting at to work.

The thing that attracts me to this kind of shoe so much is their character.  They are so bold and they are so much fun.  They come in every color and many different patterns.  They are just as functional as any other shoe, even if the high top can be restricting at times.  They go with anything...I've seen people wear them to formal dances on many occasions.  They transcend group.  You are about as likely to see a jock wearing them as a geek or a prep.

But, possibly the best thing about them is that they never go out of style.  I remember watching Andy Griffith and being shocked that Opie had the same shoes on as I did.  I remember having pink Chucks with a Tweety applique when I was a little kid.  I love them, love them.  So practical, so classy, and so awesome.

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